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Stop the disfigurement of Notre-Dame!

My Petition to the President

and the Minister of Culture

Mr. President,
Mr. Minister of Culture,

The commotion produced all over the world by the fire in Notre Dame and the collapse of its spire has generated in all countries an enthusiastic impulse to see it restored.

I learned with amazement that you are considering to make a “contemporary architectural gesture” for its reconstruction, and that a competition of architects would be open.

To risk introducing contemporary art in Notre Dame would be to disfigure this symbol of medieval art that amazes 13 million visitors every year. It would be an attack on the Christian identity of France that would taint your government forever.

I associate myself with the French who venerate Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris as bequeathed to us through its nine centuries of history, asking you to give up your projects and have it restored identically as it was.

Mr. President, Mr. Minister of Culture, please be assured of my elevated and vigilant consideration.

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Mr. President and Mr. Minister of Culture, I ask you to give up your projects and have Notre Dame restored identically as it was.

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Who we are

The French Society for the Defence of Tradition, Family and Property - TFP is an association of lay Catholics that works for the restoration of the Christian values that form its motto.

It fights by all peaceful and legal means the atheistic, immoral and socialist cultural revolution, which aims to undermine them.

The French TFP is part of a network of autonomous associations united around the thought and action of Prof. Plinio Correa de Oliveira (1908-1995), many of whose works have earned the praise of the Holy See.

Let us defend our Christian heritage by demanding that the restauration of Notre Dame be identical to what it was!

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I ask you, Mr. President, Minister of Culture, to immediately give up your plans and restore Notre-Dame to the same.



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