Stop the Disfigurement of Notre Dame!

After the fire that destroyed the spire, roof and part of the vault of Notre Dame of Paris, Mr. Emmanuel Macron plans to use contemporary art to rebuild the cathedral in a haste. To this end, the Prime Minister has announced the launch of an international competition of architects.

Some architects like Olivier Leclercq fancy reinterpreting the slender spire of Viollet le Duc by imagining, “for example, a hole with a kind of arrow inverted from below.” According to Professor Babeau, president of the Sapiens Institute, “others propose replacing the boring roof, providentially gone up in smoke, by a magnificent greenhouse that would be a transparent secular space.”

According to Denis Valode and Jean Pistre, founders of the leading architecture firm in France, “it is essential to avoid the organization of an international competition with architects from around the world who do not know the subject and who will seek to take advantage to display an unwelcome architectural creativity on the building.”

There are fashions that have done more harm than revolutions, warned Victor Hugo!

Notre Dame of Paris is a sacred place whose harmony must be preserved. The only solution worthy of this jewel of Christian Civilization is to restore it identically as it was.

Please make this immediately clear to Mr. Emmanuel Macron and his Minister of Culture by signing the petition addressed to them.